Global EdTech

Awards 2024









Welcome to the Global EdTech Awards!

Whether you’re an educator in a school or an edtech company making an impact on teaching and learning, we want to celebrate your journey.

And whether you’re leading the way in technology and innovation or inspiring others with outstanding practice, we want to shine a light on you.

With carefully selected categories to acknowledge exceptional achievement in both schools and edtech businesses, our expert judges are perfectly placed to recognise excellence. It could be that they choose you!

What’s different about the Global EdTech Awards?

We focus on achievement. It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s what you do that counts.

To drill down on that focus, all entries will be anonymised for the first round of judging. This means that the judges won’t know who you are or what company you’re from – it’s your achievements that will do the talking!

Once finalists have been selected and go forward into the next round of judging, that’s when the judges will find out who you are.